Landed in San Juan for AMCIS 2015

Are you attending the AMCIS 2015 conference in SanJuan?

I landed late yesterday afternoon and will be presenting a paper tomorrow on rethinking MIS pedagogy models.

The paper, written with my colleagues Mart Doyle and Rich Flanagan, documents observations and research related to the way we restructured our MIS courses at the Fox School of Business based upon design studio classes in Architecture.  It's time for the information architects to learn in an environment similar to the traditional studios of building architects.

Learning By Doing:  Studio Classes in MIS Education                                                             Presented in the session: Technology Enhanced Collaborative Learning II / Saturday 8/15 at 1:30 pm.

Come say hello!

5th annual Fox DESIGNchallenge 2015

Counting down to the DESIGNchallenge, kicking off Friday February 20th.

20 teams will compete to envision a less auto-centric future for Philadelphia.  If you are in Philadelphia on February 25th, come to the Kimmel Center to see civic innovation in action.

About the 2015 Challenge

Philadelphia grew up around its dense, colonial street grid, which laid the perfect foundation for walkable, transit- oriented communities. This is one reason why Philadelphia is one of the top 5 cities in the country with commuters walking, biking, or using transit. And yet even with accessible transit, the 20th century ideal of car ownership persists. Philadelphians believe that we can do better.

The American Public Transportation Association estimates that the average Philadelphia household can save close to $12,000 per year by eliminating one car and riding transit. These savings would help bolster struggling families, businesses, and communities across the city. The environmental dividend would also be significant – riding SEPTA reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves air quality.

How can we change our transit system and car culture to achieve the economic, social, and environmental dividends from a less auto-centric future?