BusinessDESIGNED explores the endless opportunities to innovate at the interface between business and design.

It is a platform for ideas and actions to incite change and envision better products, services and systems for individuals, organizations and communities.  Innovation is frequently stated as the number one goal of business leaders, yet few see a positive return on their investment.  Innovation occurs when we see things in a new way.  It is an outcome of forward thinking cultures. 

The goal of BusinessDESIGNED is to bridge the gap between this identified need and successful outcomes. 

Let’s build a business culture that can envision new futures and design change that matters.

About James Moustafellos

I am a business designer and innovation strategist, and an award-winning designer, entrepreneur and educator.  I am a generalist with unique expertise in finding information not easily found, seeing connections not easily seen, identifying hidden opportunities and connecting them to larger scaled commercial and cultural systems.

Business-Designed is a collection of my projects and insights working with corporate clients, public institutions, and students to create new business models, actionable strategic plans and more meaningful products and engaging services. 

I am interested in human behavior and consumer insights, process improvement, creating digital technology enabled solutions and building innovative management cultures.

I co-founded the Center for Design+Innovation at the Fox School of Business, Temple University, where I am an Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems.

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